About Abigail Rudner

Educator, scholar, artist, humanitarian, peacemaker. Life is art

About the Art:

I am a child of the 70's. My art has a strong pop culture and graffiti influence. I express my emotions with color.
My paintings are portraits of energy. The comic principle, the Holy Sprit the Shakti, the Akasha. The constant movement of energy that sustains the universe. I paint transparency, turbulence and the formless.
What is felt but not normally seen.

I incorporate my dream states and the The art is mostly mixed media on either wood or canvas, I use photography, brushes, and the world around me to tell stories and encapsulate infinite moments in time. My techniques cross porous boundaries between art making methods both digital and traditional. The appeal of my work spans generations.
My methods are unconventional always creative fresh and new.


I work as an educator in two capacities.


Artists and photographers who have ifluenced my work include: Georgia O'Keefe, Vasili Kandinski, Gustav Klimt, Jerry Ulesman and Diance Arbus.


Parsons School of Design School of the Art Institute of Chicago.